Solu 365 unleashes the power of creative collaboration in your organization.

Users of Solu 365 create new Office 365 Groups with ease and precision, and always to meet actual business requirements, too. No more duplicate Groups due to impaired visibility of pre-existing collaboration Groups or limited awareness of Groups’ assets. With Solu 365, all your valuable group assets will be easily accessible.

Well-governed creation of Office 365 Groups​

Avoid sprawl, control sharing

Transparent and simple navigation to Office 365 Groups

All Groups just one click away

Solu365 is

Solu 365 can really help you fight Group sprawl.
Find out how!

The most advanced
collaboration environment in the world

Office 365 is used in over 125,000 organizations and has more than 100 million active users across the globe. Different organizations lean on different kinds of guidance for management, business processes, and renewal. Whether the challenge is moving from a functional organization to a project-based one, or changing your organizational structure from matrix to network, generating new information must be easy, and adding it to the knowledge base of the organization must be secured.

We believe that the fruits of collaboration, such as discussions, documents, to-do lists, and videos, have been created for the benefit of your organization's shared goals, which is why we want to bring more manageability and transparency into Office 365.